Poppy tea has been a favorite in Europe for many hundreds of years and is still a home remedy today. It can also be helpful in detoxing for example a heroin addiction.

Opium poppies are sold in craft stores and flower shops as bunches of dried heads. A bunch contains about 15 to 20 heads and costs up to about 12 dollars. The head size can range from about as big as a marble to bigger than a golf ball. The average size should be approximately the size of a small walnut. A smaller variety is often sold as well and is not as potent as Papaver Somniferum and Papaver Setigerum, which contain the opium. You know you got the right stuff when the poppies are labeled indicating they were grown in Holland or Turkey. However, don't worry about "getting the wrong ones."

The first step is to remove about ten poppy heads from their stems and set them aside, which should be enough for one or two people. When purchased in a flower store, poppies often have a hole drilled through their heads through which the seeds have been removed. If not so, brake the stem off in a way as to create a hole at the bottom of their heads and shake out the seeds (which can be used for growing opium).

Next step is to crush the pods with your hands into a coffee grinder or spice grinder. This then should be ground to the finest powder.

Then add the poppy powder to two cups of boiling water in a pot. Immediately remove the pot from the heat and stir the poppies into the brew. You can use an egg beater for this. Do not boil the poppies! (that can break down the opium).
Let the mixture sit for a couple of minutes while it cools. Long steeping is not necessarily needed.

Finally pour the tea through a wire mesh strainer in order to get the majority of the mash out of the tea. You can push it down with a spoon so all the liquid pours through. Fine particles will form a glob at the bottom of the mug and since it contains opium you might as well swallow that too. If the taste is bitter, think about mixing the tea with licorice or another taste of your liking. The mash can be used again, at least a second time. Just use half as much water.

Stems can be ground up for tea that is just as potent, though you may have to use two or three times as much powdered stem as head for the same amount of tea.
Leaves can be smoked in a pipe, preferably a water pipe. The effects are faster than drinking the tea, but not as long lasting.

Step 1: Gather about ten poppy heads. Snap off stems and pour out seeds. Save the seeds for planting.
Step 2: Break apart empty poppy heads and grind in a coffee mill. Pour ground heads into two cups boiling water.
Step 3: Immediately remove pan from heat and let cool for five to ten minutes, stirring occasionally.
Step 4: Pour contents of pan through wire mesh strainer. Press on the pulp to remove all the tea. Save the pulp for another run through.